Will both Reputation (Taylor’s Version) and Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) release in 2025?


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I think so, as a die-hard swiftie there are multiple reasons: she releases a new album, 2 rerecords, a new album (evermore, fearless tv, red tv), and (midnights, speak now tv, 1989 tv) so next is ttpd, reputation tv, and debut tv. also she releases an album every year. And if both Reputation tv and debut tv come out in 2025, all the re-records will have come out either 19, 8, 9, or 13 years after their originals. (1989 and 13 are taylors favorite numbers)

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To make sure I follow, both have to be released IN 2025 right? So if reputation releases in 2024 this automatically must be NO?

@Ziddletwix Correct