What topics should we discuss on Episode 5 of the Market Manipulation Podcast (feat. @SG and @Austin)? [EDIT: RECORDED]
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What would y'all like to hear on a potential fifth episode? Any suggestions are welcome!

If and when @Imbens and I do an Ep 5 (not a guarantee) [EDIT: We're planning to record an episode featuring @SG, @Austin, and maybe other members of the Manifold team!], I will award the bounty to the different suggestions in proportion to how much I subjectively feel they influenced the episode.

Topics of previous episodes (from memory):

Ep 1: Live closing-soon betting, terrible sound quality

Ep 2: Manifold's rise at Proof School, calibration

Ep 3: Self-resolving markets, dating markets, personal goal markets, Audrey

Ep 4: Chaotic Manifold trivia game at the beach with many people, Rachel and Austin's wedding

[EDIT: THE EPISODE HAS NOW BEEN RECORDED AND NEW SUGGESTIONS ARE MOOT! I'll award the bounties once it's edited and released.]

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some topic ideas: the rebrand of markets as questions (and whether you need to rebrand as the Question Manipulation Podcast), Manifold’s name backstory, the upcoming Manifest conference, Austin’s relationship markets, dogfooding, Manifund, Stephen's prediction market inspiration, Wobbles' shenanigans, Sinclair's hot takes, catgirls among us, and James' theory about what Manifold will look like in a million years. also you should ask them to predict the chances Crystal Ballin' releases another episode by september

also you should make phoebe bridgers your theme music. or possibly ME!, can't decide. they're like, of equal quality


market ratings, russian coup, political elections, goofy ai humanity markets, barbenheimer, supertrustworthy.ish, and of course levi drama

and mana-chan!


Well, Bounties seem like an obvious topic.


I'd be interested in a "history of prediction markets" (as far back as possible) considering you've known about them for longer than most


even though it's not that new and fresh anymore, something on leagues and how leagues affects the trading strategies of people, the accuracy of markets, etc might be cool

So, the podcast ended up having exactly 2083 seconds, so since no one gave any big-picture suggestions, and that was so close to the original bounty amount, I feel like it's fair to give people one mana per second! For all the seconds where we discussed things not mentioned on this market, I'm bountying it to my alt account, who will then managram it back to me. Thanks to all of your suggestions! Sorry not all of them made it in.

make pico trustworthy again #pico2023

(Gambling) addiction; people making markets to incentivize them to use Manifold less, etc.

The circular feedback loop between markets and people's beliefs (about economies, businesses, etc) and how market manipulation feeds into that loop

... Or more broadly, the ethics of market manipulation

Best trading strategies during the past quarter

The psychology of forecasting - what makes it difficult, what are attributes if good predictors, what might we learn from Manifold

Guatemalan presidential election.