Better titles for the existing four episodes of the Market Manipulation Podcast!
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The current episode titles are descriptive, but I (and cohost @Imbens) feel they're a bit bland. If you submit a title for any of the four episodes that I replace the current one with, I'll give you 500 mana! So 2000 mana available in total. I'll probably only change the title after a week or two of submissions have passed, unless your title is perfect.

An ideal set of titles should be descriptive/accurate, enticing (one aspect on which the existing ones fall short), cohesive, and potentially even clever/punny. Excited to hear suggestions! Feel free to suggest new titles for all of the episodes, or only one. If you like the current titles, that's also helpful (though you won't get a bounty).

By all means, feel free to listen to the episodes (YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, RSS) to inform your decision. But if you don't want to, here are the current titles and short summaries of the episodes. (Descriptions for 2-4 are mostly copied from the podcast descriptions; the description for 1 didn't really exist so I quickly wrote one here.)

  1. Pilot: Recorded ad lib by me to manipulate a market. Notoriously whiplash-inducing sound quality. I mostly discusses closing-soon markets, certain trading strategies, other prediction platforms, and the "podcast" itself.

  2. Manifold's Rise at Proof School. (My favorite of the existing titles.) We discuss how this podcast has changed from Episode 1, calibration plots, shirts, the story of how Manifold became popular at Proof School (our math-focused, full-curriculum school in San Francisco), and our M$6,000 “funding goal” to commit to an Episode 3.

  3. Self-Resolving Markets, Dating Markets, and More: We primarily discuss markets that you might bet on for reasons other than belief: self-resolving markets, dating markets, and personal goal markets. We recorded this episode on April 19, which is awhile ago! It is, for example, just as the beginnings of the Whales v. Minnows controversy were heating up. Well, we finally edited it — it’s sort of a “from the vault” episode — but I think our takes aged well, such as our roasting of Crystal Ballin’ for not being real. The episode also features a certain call-in guest.

  4. Manifold Trivia Game: We play a highly fair, well-planned, well-calibrated, well-thought out Manifold trivia game created by your host Jacob! Featuring many special guests. This chaotic episode was recorded live on Amelia's iPad at our "nonfire" while reserving a firepit for Manifold cofounder Austin and his now-wife Rachel's wedding bonfire! As a result, the sound quality is terrible again. But hey, it's the Market Manipulation Podcast, so what did you expect. Audrey describes the vibe of this episode as "Jacob And His TA Andrew Attempt To Lead A Fun Class Game Of Trivia With Their Chaotic Cabal Of Ten-Year-Old Children."

General policy for my bounty markets: In the rare event of a conflict between my stated criteria and the agreed-upon common-sense spirit of the bounty market, I may pay out funds according to the bounty market's spirit or not at all.

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I came up with some ideas for each episode, feel free to mix them together:

Episode 1:

1. "Market Whisperer"

2. "Soundwaves & Speculations"

3. "Echoes of Trade"

Episode 2:

1. "Rising Tides of Manifold"

2. "Proof of Growth"

3. "From Classroom to Calibration"

Episode 3:

1. "Beyond the Bet"

2. "Vaulted Views & Vibrant Markets"

3. "Dialing in on Disrupted Markets"

Episode 4:

1. "Trivia Turbulence"

2. "Bonfire Brainbusters"

3. "The Manifold Muddle"

#1: “Not My Tempussy”