Will i solve my photo bug in No Man's Sky by 2025?

Today i was playing No Man's Sky on Xbox Series S. My quest asked me to take a photo of a resource depot. I selected this quest. It might have directed me to a specific depot... it did not, at least, direct me to a specific different planet. I traveled to a depot on my planet & opened Photo Mode using the Down Arrow menu. I tried a few different ways of taking photos, but none of them gave me credit:

  • Tapping the controller's screenshot button

  • Holding down the controller's screenshot button

  • Xbox button > Y

  • Pressing A (even tho this should do nothing in the Photo Mode context)

I read some troubleshooting threads. Many people had the same problem. Some people found solutions.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to complete this quest. If i don't get suggestions, i'm moderately likely to ignore it & thus ultimately resolve this as No.

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