Will Andrew McCutchen make another "Furries" tweet during Anthrocon 2023?

Andrew McCutchen, a baseball player currently playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, has tweeted "Furries" multiple times during Anthrocon, an annual furry convention in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA).

In 2023, the Pirates will be playing home games during the dates of Anthrocon (June 29 to July 2). Will McCutchen tweet "Furries" again?

This market resolves to YES if Andrew McCutchen makes a post on his Twitter account reading "Furries" or something furry-related in the same vein (I will use my own judgment informed by community discussion if the need arises) between June 29 and July 2 (inclusive, using local time in Pittsburgh). Otherwise, this market resolves to NO.

If McCutchen's Twitter account is deleted, private, or otherwise inaccessible to the general public such that the posts cannot be checked before July 5, then this market resolves to N/A.

I may trade in this market as usual.

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