In 2023, will Manifold implement a feature that allows the general userbase to flag markets that need to be resolved but remain unresolved for an extended period?
resolved Jan 1

Currently, the only way to do something similar on-site is to add it to the Please Resolve group but the general ability to add markets to groups (that is, for markets aside from those you've created) is currently limited to certain users. Unofficially, people are posting markets on Discord to get the attention of admins.

This market resolves to YES if, at any point between the creation of this market and 00:00 UTC on January 1, 2024, a feature is available on the Manifold Markets site that allows the general userbase (that is, most users, unless they have some particular restriction such as a block on flagging or adding markets to groups) to report markets that need to be resolved. Otherwise, this market resolves to NO.

Some features I would accept are:

  • A dedicated flag/report button on closed markets, perhaps only available after a certain period of time

  • Access for the general userbase to add markets to the Please Resolve group (either as a special exception or allowing the general userbase to add markets to groups again)

  • A broader system for non-author resolutions

The functionality that is introduced must be an intentional feature, not a bug or a test that is accidentally opened to the public.

I will use my own judgment to determine if any particular feature qualifies. Feel free to suggest other possible features for clarification purposes.

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Although no feature was added that meets the requirements I laid out, I do commend what Manifold has done to deal with unresolved questions.

I expect "stale" questions to be less of a problem now: /CollectedOverSpread/will-i-hold-any-shares-in-stale-mar

I am not aware of any features in this area aside from the ones I've mentioned in previous comments. If there are no new developments here, this question will resolve to NO.

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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I've created a page that shows a list of all markets that are closed but not yet resolved. View it here.

@CollectedOverSpread please resolve

@CollectedOverSpread The comment above will be a test, please disregard it

@chrisjbillington I was not aware that Manifold re-enabled AI-based group categorization... But in any case I am inclined to say that this doesn't count unless there is evidence of a strong correlation between comments requesting resolution and categorization into that group.

This doesn't seem to be caused by AI

(Removed after edit to previous comment)

Manifold added a "#🙏please-resolve" channel on the Discord server, which is dedicated to reporting markets that need to be resolved. While this is a good thing, it is not sufficient for a YES resolution for this market.

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@CollectedOverSpread Would a report button that automatically posts to that channel be sufficient?

@Gabrielle Yes, especially given that the existing report button posts to a different Discord channel.

Manifold recently started allowing users with the "Trustworthy-ish" badge to resolve markets that have yet to be resolved by their creators, under certain conditions.

Right now I am inclined to say that this is not sufficient for a YES resolution. Although I did include "a broader system for non-author resolutions" as a feature I would accept, I don't think this counts because it isn't something that the general userbase can use. A system for non-author resolutions I would consider sufficient would be something that allows the general userbase to propose a resolution and then have that voted on or approved.

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I hope so!

Probability seems pretty high. Do you all know something I don't?