Will Joe Biden sign legislation or executive order to legalize or reschedule cannabis before the 2024 election?
Dec 31

This market is part of a series of markets originally inspired by a scroll through Rumble.com, but now including Twitter predictions to broaden the search space.

They will be resolved to PROB based on the spirit of the hypothesis (somewhat vibes-based), using evidence posted in comments and own research if necessary.
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Even with Dept HHS buy-in, I’m not sure whether DEA can move it to Schedule II without an Executive order by Biden, and/or without a round of strident appeals to scotus questioning Agency purview.

Congressional legislation (if enough #R’s resigning moves the House into D majority) would be stronger positioning

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Buying this up based on the recent news, but is this something Biden would actually sign himself if it happened? Or does the DEA just make the call without him? I expect he'd want to take credit for it if he can though.

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Hoping to come back to a loss on this one but I won't hold my breath given how often this gets talked about and then shelved just to get attention.

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