Will Nikki Haley imply the 2020 election was not legitimate, or evade the question if asked directly, before Jan 7 2025?

Nikki Haley stated tonight that Trump lost the 2020 election and Biden won. Previously she had chosen more nuanced wording. Will she stick now to this position through the 2024 election and beyond?

I'm not on a vendetta, just interested in how she is reacting to current events.

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Her answer last night also included “there were some irregularities”. Must she say “Trump won” for this to Resolve YES?

@mattyb Thanks for the catch but now I have to slog through the whole debate transcript to answer that. May not get to that until tonight. I don't think as unequivocal as "Trump won" though.

@ClubmasterTransparent oof, sorry for the extra work. I don’t think it’ll resolve YES from the debate last night

@mattyb haha I am just once burned twice shy about resolving markets ever since my Sam Altman one.

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