Will I be brave enough to try to greet Eliezer Yudkowsky at Manifest '24?
resolved Jun 8

Oof. You know how it is, you just want to go up and say "Wow, your writing actually changed the world- thanks for caring" but you don't want be weird or start crying or waste the guy's time...

Resolves NO if I determine that I had a real opportunity to speak to him briefly and I did not.
Resolves YES if I determine that I made a true attempt, regardless of how successful I feel it was.
Resolves N/A if I determine that I did not have a real opportunity.

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you can do anything and everything, Clark! 🧡

How does this resolves in event he goes to talk to you ?

@Mich I admit I hadn't considered that! In the event he approaches first, I guess it'll have to depend on whether I actually express the sentiments I wanted to, or kind of freeze up and don't express them. So in that event it could still resolve YES or NO depending on me.

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@Clark Thanks for the clarification. I think you can do this. Betting NO for extra motivation.

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When you come up with a good way to say it lmk
Just bought tickets and saw your market, you should go for it

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