Will any of the big streaming platforms sell or merge in 2023?
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The Financial Times published several predictions for 2023. One of them was the following:

Will any of the big streaming platforms sell or merge?

"No, not this year. Consolidation is inevitable in the entertainment industry as streaming becomes dominant. Speculation abounds about combinations: NBCUniversal and Warner Bros Discovery, Disney with Apple, Netflix with a tech giant willing to overpay. Warner will probably be the first domino to fall given its financial troubles. But when AT&T sold Warner in 2022 it was through a structure that restricts dealmaking for a couple of years. It means the big shakeout is more likely in 2024, the year many streamers claim they’ll finally be breaking even." Alex Barker

Preferably resolves according to reporting from the Financial Times, though I reserve the right to resolve by my own judgement if necessary.

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