If Manifold implements a subscription option, will you be able to pay for it with Mana?
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Resolved N/A if there is no subscription option offered by market close.

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Jim Hayssold Ṁ59 of YES

After WvM, Manifold has shown that they are willing to reevaluate some things. Even though they’ve previously given indication that they were expecting that you could pay for it in Mana, this seems like obviously a bad idea to me. The users who are most likely to be invested enough to want the subscription are probably also the users who can usually get the mana of that they want without buying it. So, paying for the subscription in Mana would effectively mean that most of the users they most wanted won’t normally be giving them money.

“Users get very invested in particular markets and overspend” is not a sustainable business model. I think it makes sense to create a model where the users who are most invested in the platform make regular, sustainable subscription payments, and paying for the subscription in Mana seems to completely undercut that.

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Jason avatar

@JimHays Could serve as a sink to manage mana inflation, though (which they have suggested is somewhat of a concern).

JimHays avatar
Jim Hayssold Ṁ31 of NO
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Jim Hayspredicts YES

“It will cost something like $100 / year. (We'll probably let people pay in mana, but please answer the poll as if a credit card payment of $100 were the only option.)”