Will at least one American soldier die because of the temporary port activity in Gaza , until the end of June?
Jul 1

The United States government has decided to establish a temporary port in the north Gaza strip, for aid distribution.

that will require some army presence in the Gaza Strip and can cause friction between soldiers and local citizens.

This question will resolve YES if an American soldier dies in an incident related to the establishment and the operation of the pier.

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Title says "die in the port", but description says "dies in an incident related...". This is a major difference because soldiers could venture deep into the mainland to deliver aid and there get killed by a building collapse or likewise even if there is no fighting ongoing. My bet would be no on "in the port" and yes on "related".


Alright, I will clearify it by changing to "because of the temporary port"


What I meant in general, is that it is a result of that action, that the us actually risking soldiers for this activity. It's not really interesting if it happens in the port area

@DarijGrinberg Biden claims that no US soldiers will actually set foot in Gaza so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem

so how they gonna build this port, and deliver aid from there?

BTW it seems you right, IDF will operate the port. soldiers that serve in gaza already told me that this is what will happen.

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