PAW8: Fish welfare policy advocacy

As part of Charity Entrepreneurship's 2023 Top Ideas contest, will we select "Fish welfare policy advocacy" as a top Preventive Animal Welfare intervention?

Idea overview

The goal of this charity idea is to establish a fish welfare policy advocacy organization dedicated to improving the living conditions and treatment of (mostly farmed) fish. A lot of countries still lack, or have very basic, animal protection laws for fish. By promoting evidence-based policies and regulations, the charity would address the often-overlooked suffering experienced by fish, which massive numbers are subjected to in intensive farming systems.

Preventive animal welfare

This year our focus is on interventions and policies that prevent future harms done to animals, as opposed to solving current problems. We will be looking for interventions that, as well as having some short run evidence of impact, will prevent future problems, i.e., have the biggest impact on farmed animals in the future, say 35 years from now.

We intend to select 2-4 ideas out of the 10 presented to recommend to entrepreneurs who enter our incubation program. This market resolves YES if this idea is chosen; NO otherwise.

About the contest

In partnership with Charity Entrepreneurship, Manifold is sponsoring a $2000 forecasting tournament to inform which ideas end up selected

  • You can win part of a $1000 prize pool as a forecaster, for best predicting which interventions we choose.

  • You can win one of ten $100 prizes for posting an informative comment on Manifold that most influences our decision.

For contest details and all markets, see the group CE 2023 Top Ideas.

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MarcusAbramovitch avatar
Marcus Abramovitch

Very difficult to see why this organization needs to be formed when FWI already exists.

ErwinRossen avatar
Erwin Rossenbought Ṁ30 of YES

The amount of fish and seafood that is eaten is huge, 20 kg per person per year. Still when people talk about ending factory farming, they usually only think about chickens, cows and pigs. I think fish are one of the most harmed yet neglected species, and expect more low-hanging fruit than in the other charities.

PatMyron avatar
Pat Myron (edited)

Was shocked farmed seafood has already surpassed wild catches:
There do seem to be multiple organizations in this space already though:

AnishaZaveri avatar
Anisha Zaveriis predicting NO at 29%

GPT-4 ranked this as #4

AnishaZaveri avatar
Anisha Zaveri

Voting no because there are two organisations in this space already (ALI and FWI)

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