Will Taylor Swift endorse a US Presidential candidate for the 2024 election?
Nov 6

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For arbitrage possibilities with other similar markets where Joe Biden is named:

If she endorses a candidate, when will she do it?

Related market: "Will Taylor Swift endorse Joe Biden for president before a new movie grosses >$1 billion at the global box office?"

This market might depend on whether the war in Gaza ends before the election.

Would an anti-endorsement count? Would saying "don't vote for this person" resolve YES?

@Quroe I would treat that as an endorsement in a first-past-the-post system. If the US switches to a parliamentary system in the next ten months, I will resolve to N/A.

she's done it before

@shankypanky Do cookies count?

If Taylor says “go vote” this won’t resolve, right? She must endorse a singular candidate on the ballot

@mattyb Correct.

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