Will there be a well-recognized letter/statement on rationalussy by June 9, 2024?
Jun 9

Resolves YES if there is a letter released about rationalussy and the possible effects it may have or policies surrounding it before June 9, 2024. Resolves NO otherwise.

We'll call it well-recognized if it gets signed by at least 10 big public figureheads in rationalussy, and at least one Rationalussy Award winner.

A public figurehead in rationalussy is defined as anyone who meets any of these qualifications:

  • Top 10 creator in the Rationalussy group

  • Top 5 trader in the Rationalussy group

  • Recipient of the Rationalussy Award

  • Recipient of the Manifold rationalussy badge, if it is ever created

  • At least 69% of people in a poll agree that they have made major contributions to rationalussy discourse

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what the hell is a rationalussy

@Frob rationalussy balls