Is Manifold trying to CENSOR rationalussy?
resolved Mar 26

A few days ago, I made a profile. I filled out all the info about myself and wrote about how I founded the Rationalussy Cult and my dedication to the cause of rationalussy. I also uploaded this handsome picture of myself:

Everything was going great, and I already had two matches! But the next day, I logged in only to find that my profile was gone! Clearly something fishy is afoot.

Yet this is not the only unusual occurrence. I have not received any loans for around a month. Allegedly, this has something to do with a "negative net worth" or something. But perhaps the true reason is something more sus.

Is it possible that Manifold is in fact censoring rationalussy???

Resolves to Yes if someone finds convincing evidence that Manifold is systematically and/or intentionally supressing content related to rationalussy, and this evidence is not refuted before close. Resolves to No if there is no good evidence at the time of closing. Resolves to a probability if there is evidence that is not completely convincing but is still suggestive.

Closes at 19:84 = 20:24 = 8:24 PM in the Sacred Time Zone on March 12, the World Day Against Cyber Censorship.

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Resolves YES due to the proof posted below that Manifold is hard-coded to suppress Rationalussy content.

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A quick search of "rationalussy" in the Manifold code shows pretty clearly that it's been suppressed for the last ~7 months:

Code is here:

@TonyPepperoni From a first look at the code, it seems that any rationalussy questions will never be recommended to new users, or on the home page for users that have not signed in.

@TonyPepperoni I like that โ€œukโ€ is also a reranked term

@TonyPepperoni @Noit fyi (you may wanna avoid some of these tags)

Has anyone found evidence yet?

Does this resolve YES if Manifold does something like hide the rationalussy topic from new users, but nothing else? Hide it from search?

That happened to the topic in the past.

@bohaska that sounds like censorship to me