Will Destiny go for the "secret ending"?
resolved Feb 3

Will Destiny go for the "secret ending" in Factorio?

YES if completes secret ending.

NO if doesn't, or choses to come back and finish later.

What is the secret ending?: [SPOILERS]

Destiny finding a clue: Destiny VOD

UPDATE: maybe...

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OK, I’m gonna offer a bailout to prevent bad blood and feel good. Of all the Factorio markets, I think this one has the best reason to do that*. It’s all cool – if you need to blame someone, blame a special gnome.

To get a refund of your cost basis, if you’re tagged here, add a Discord handle to your Manifold profile & like this comment so I get a notification. (You can remove the handle after I contact you.) To not spam comments, don’t reply here unless you wanna argue something.

@JohnPlechaty Ṁ270, @NdymBzyd Ṁ120, @Odoyle Ṁ100, @RR Ṁ70, @Sex Ṁ62, @hawlk Ṁ50, @PaytonMacdonald Ṁ50, @Tarion Ṁ50, @Simon1551 Ṁ40, @Mo Ṁ35, @kyanbandara007 Ṁ30, @TimoSchmid Ṁ30, @Foreverything Ṁ25, @CANTaxMan Ṁ20, @laim0nas100 Ṁ20, @KName Ṁ20, @Snowdon Ṁ20, @BobbyDoon Ṁ10, @Coldest Ṁ10, @dipperid Ṁ10, @JoeM6d6e Ṁ10, @JoJoMango Ṁ10, @jonmast Ṁ10, @SimonNordgren Ṁ10, @ChrisEmerson Ṁ8, @Gavias Ṁ5 – I believe that should be right.

*– In other markets, it seems even less possible to tell who bet on something closer to “he’ll reach spaceship victory” and who bet closer to “he won’t open Factorio again for a year.” The presumption that the first interpretation dominated is pretty strong IMO. Also, these markets sum up to ~Ṁ90000 sweatstiny.

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Did he even go a day without playing? Sure he played doom but he went back to Factorio later that same day.

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I don’t think this market misresolved, just that the situation may end up in an edge case. I’m tempted to offer a bailout but this is not a confirmed relapse yet. Let’s wait a couple of days.

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wait why did you resolve? give him more then a day to get back into the game
What was the resolve date for this? I thought you had it at before 2024, might have misread

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@JoJoMango "NO if doesn't, or choses to come back and finish later." i resolved because he started up doom. might have been a mistake, but i stand by it. /w me in dgg chat if you disagree

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@Butidigress I am Sex, and I approve of this message. Fair market.

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@Sex sex 🤣 Funny name 🤣

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he won't?

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@Simon1551 if he returns to factorio to complete the secret ending on stream in a week i will manalink you dggL

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@Butidigress LOL THANKS

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@Butidigress me too please <3

@Agh couldn't find that one when searching. I'll keep this one up tho


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@Butidigress I've seen that screenshot but he won't. It's just too much factorio