Will any MIT faculty, officer, board member, or administrator lose their job in 2024 due to plagiarism?

Bloomberg - 1/5/2024:

Ackman Wants MIT Faculty Plagiarism Check After Wife Accused

Bill Ackman said on Friday he will begin checks on the work of all current faculty members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for plagiarism...


Bill Ackman - 1/5/2024:

"We will begin with a review of the work of all current @MIT faculty members, President Kornbluth, other officers of the Corporation, and its board members for plagiarism. We will be using MIT's own plagiarism standards which can be found here: https://integrity.mit.edu/handbook/what-plagiarism… We will share our findings in the public domain as they are completed in the spirit of transparency."


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@BrianCaulfield I’ve also created this other one, also related: Will MIT change their plagiarism policy in 2024?


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