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Will Richard Hanania post a left-leaning article about gender issues in 2023?

Richard Hanania is a contrarian blogger, many of whose opinions, especially on gender, I would characterize as right-wing. Recently he has surprised me with a number of more left-leaning articles, for example:

The underlying reason seems to be that RH is fundamentally a contrarian. He is surrounded by more right-wingers now than he used to be, so he finds himself disagreeing with them.

Nonetheless, RH's opinions on gender issues seem very, very un-left. (I hesitate even to say "traditional" -- it's hard to imagine writing like this from the pre-1960s West, or China at any time in its history...) Will he change his mind?

Resolution criteria: This is entirely subjective. When RH posts on gender I will try to determine if I feel it leans more left or right; if any one gender article this year leans more left on balance, I will resolve YES, otherwise NO. Since this is subjective, feel free to try to persuade me in the comments.

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Would "I dislike LGBT stuff, but the conservatives are going crazy in their attempts to fight it" count as left-wing, if the article pushes left relative to conservatives, but still stakes his opinion as "it is bad"?

What if his argumenet is "I dislike LGBT stuff, but as a principled libertarian I respect their right to exist and criminalizing it is bad" or something?

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@jacksonpolack Yes, if the main focus of the article is RH contrasting his (relatively further-left) position on gender issues with someone else's (relatively further-right) position. This is regardless of where RH's position lies on an absolute scale: if his article seems to be trying to pull someone toward the left, it counts.

If the main theme of the article is...

"The conservatives are really being too hateful in hating trans people" --> YES

"Some right-wing crazies want to criminalize homosexuality, let me explain why that's a terrible idea" --> YES