Will Elon Musk be shown to have done drugs or alcohol in 2024?

A recent Wall Street Journal report stated that colleagues in leadership positions at Tesla and SpaceX were worried about Elon Musk’s alleged drug use. Elon himself states he has “not even trace quantities” of drugs or alcohol in his body after 3 years of random drug tests.

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If he’s doing ketamine but he’s also prescribed it, would that count?

@snazzlePop Good question. I’ll resolve this as yes if he is found to be using illegal drugs, or if it’s revealed he abuses prescribed drugs like ketamine.

@BenEllis I think it’s still nebulous because it’s possible to take a drug as prescribed yet still result in deleterious effects to one’s mind and/or functioning level. The line between use and abuse is tenuous and often unclear.

In addition, surely a man as powerful as Musk can find doctors willing to prescribe him any medication he may want.

The story of Michael Jackson’s death comes to mind. As do the narratives of countless Americans who find themselves dependent on medications like benzodiazepines, opiates, or stimulants which, while justifiably prescribed to them, may also at times result in unhealthy outcomes.

How would this be resolved? I guess an article in the WSJ isn’t enough, what is?

@JimAusman I think a confident direct report from any of the major news outlets will suffice. The Wall Street Journal simply quotes people within his own company and doesn’t reference any hard data like a test result. I’ll wait 1 week after any such report to give time counters or retractions.