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His state today. Can he survive another month? Even if his death is assured at the end of the month, he may still count as alive for the purpose of this market.

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Good morning Mr. Basil! What are your plans for April?

the journey continues! and now, there are two.

They grow up so fast 🥹


Ooooof. I’m not sure how to break this to Mr. Basil, but I suspect he’s not the father. 😳


Have you considered paternity testing?

Has Mr. Basil posted a selfie to his Insta lately? Maybe you can link here?

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@suzumebatchi Yeah but his account is private. here’s what he shared this morning, with the caption ‘hittin the gym everyday, im growing real wide, whereas my progeny lil’ basil, is growing real tall’

Mr. Basil, non-stop everyday day for the last months:

@Bayesian Mirin those gains.

I just did my first big harvest of basil this morning. Didn't get quite enough to make pesto yet. But these were all grown from scraps from the pho restaurant, rooted in water and then planted.

Sending healthy energy to Mr. Basil 🙏🌱

@Clark I thought this was a picture of Mr Basil for a second and I was as excited as if I had just won the Superbowl

@Pykess Naurrrr. Sorry to disappoint. I think he'll return though

@Pykess his dog emoji also looked like the creator scales out of the corner of my eyes ahaha

@Clark you are a wizard.

Incredible growth, and infinite strength! Sir Basil II has 4 leaves now! with a doubling rate of a few days, he will have more leaves than there are atoms in the universe in a few years! SURRENDER TO THE GREAT BASIL EMPIRE!!!

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He is very stable. even the tiny bits aren't growing. but at least nothing's dying much, except the one leaf that was already grayish from like a 2 day span of waterlessness

Has Mr. Basil had his portrait taken recently? Would he agree to share it in such humble straits as this comment thread?

Breaking news. I literally would never have expected this in a million years.

Mr. Basil has a new right hand man to spark his thirst for conquest, and help him assemble the army that will help create the Great Basil Empire

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I'm back to bet my life savings on Mr. Basil

@Pykess always a wise choice

@Bayesian It wasn't last time :c

@Pykess don't worry about it that time was a fluke.

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The AI generated image in comparision 😂

@Lion omg a spitting image of him