Will the costs for creating a yes/no questions/markets of 1000 be reduced in 2024?
resolved Jun 4

If the creation cost of yes/no questions is reduced below 1000 in 2024 the market will be resolved to yes

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Follow-up to this market:

With this change the cost of creating a market is now less than the amount that the weekly quest asking you to create a market pays out, allowing users to claim $0.40 worth of mana per week by creating at least one question. Do we think Manifold will continue to hand out free mana in this way?


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https://discord.com/channels/915138780216823849/994321335419420832/1247441942233747467 Markets can now cost either 100M ("Play"), 1000M ("Basic"), 10kM ("Plus"), 100kM ("Premium"), or 1.0M mana ("Crystal"). So we can create yes/no questions/markets for less than 1000M. Does that count @Base ?

Counterpoint: The display of the market creation cost has stayed at 1000M.

Imo it makes sense bc they want to encourage people to spend 1000M on markets, so they will deprioritize 100M markets, or remove them entirely. I judge that this counts as market creation cost being reduced in 2024, but reasonable people may disagree

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Definitely not, if anything mana inflation will begin now due to daily mana bonus growing tenfold.

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I think they want the current equilibrium where way less questions are created

@SaviorofPlant I came to the same conclusion. It was really hard to keep up with the amount of markets being created

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I suspect so. the 100 mana worked before because inflation had already devalued the currency.

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