Are the fees on Manifold bets too high?
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No, they are not
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I think the fees on taking another user's limit order should be zero or very close to it. Fees on using the AMM are reasonable but it should be possible for two users to agree a trade without paying fees.

I also think there should be a grace period where if you buy shares and then sell them within a few minutes, you get your fees back. Sometimes people make a trade and then realise it was a mistake and sell. Right now they get hit by fees in both directions and that seems harsh.

Oh, and you should get your fees back if a market resolves NA.

@Fion Totally agree. I could have been saved before by a grace period. And with so many conditional markets that are very likely to resolve NA, getting the fee back would be more than nice. Deincentivising fun conditional markets doesn't do good for Manifold as a whole.

@Barna unfortunately I think they're doing more than distinctivising conditional markets: resolving NA will soon not be possible except by asking mods in exceptional circumstances.

@Fion Oh wow. I didn't know that. I assume this aim is to force us to create markets with easier to evaluate criterias or something. There are a lot of markets that resolve NA just because the creater doesn't want to take the heat from resolving to NO or YES. But this will have a huge negative effect with people (especially new users) being afraid to create markets. Not to mention that there are a lot of cases where an unforseen event results in a market having to be resolved NA. And that's supprisingly common too. I got a bad feeling... ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

What do you think would be a better fee rate? If any at all.