Will at least 100 trucks of humanitarian aid have passed through the Erez Crossing into Gaza by April 30th?
resolved May 2

Will use UN manifests for resolution if possible.

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I am inclined to resolve this NO - I don't see any evidence that anywhere near 100 trucks of aid has passed through Erez as of now. Going to give YES holders an opportunity to convince me otherwise in case there is clear evidence I am missing. My understanding is that about 25 trucks have passed through the crossing, with some other unspecified number of trucks having passed through a temporarily constructed crossing elsewhere in the north. This article suggests that Erez is still not operating at any significant capacity and is only now starting to be used. https://www.barrons.com/news/blinken-says-first-jordan-aid-trucks-leaving-to-gaza-through-erez-crossing-57b2bebd

@Balasar In the absence of any claims or evidence to the contrary, I am resolving NO, per the reasons stated above.

Currently this would resolve NO given that to my knowledge only 25 trucks have passed through the crossing. I am somewhat surprised it is so high. If any of the YES bettors have information I have not noticed please raise it in the comments.

@Balasar There was a WFP press conference yesterday. If you listen for a minute here, it sounds to me like more trucks have been entering through the Erez Crossing over the last ten days.

I would still bet NO, but I assumed that the market would resolve N/A for a lack of clear public information. What is your expectation?

@Sodann I would prefer to not have to resolve N/A. Hopefully there will be more clear information in the next several days.

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