Will SBF resume giving interviews if he is released on bail upon appearing in US federal court?
resolved Jan 11

He can't seem to keep his mouth shut, is there any reason to think his US lawyers are going to be able to do anything to stop it??

Resolves YES if he resumes granting one-on-one interviews and continues answering questions relatively transparently.

Resolves N/A if he is not granted bail by market close.

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predicted YES

What does everyone think about the video posted by the YouTube influencer who visited SBF at home? Does that count as an interview now that she has posted about it?

predicted NO

@BTE Maybe we should wait for a second one, because it says "interviews" ๐Ÿ˜œ

predicted YES

@DeanValentine He has also been meeting with Michael Lewis presumably to be interviewed. I am leaning toward yes but will leave it open until a more explicit interview is published.

Looks like this may have already started happening.

To clarify, this resolves as NA if he isn't granted bail prior to market close date?

@Jason Correct, thank you. I will add to resolution criteria.