Will Michael Lewis testify at SBF's trial?
closes 2024

Lewis has been embedded with SBF for over a year, so presumably he has some interesting stories to share not only with his readers, but also with a jury.

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What if there's no trial?

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Will SBF testify at his trial?30%
Will Michael Lewis release his book about SBF before a verdict is reached in his trial?52%
Will SBF testify?87%
Will SBF take the witness stand in his own defense?46%
Will SBF be charged with witness tampering?15%
Will SBF change his plea before the trial starts?53%
Will SBF plead guilty?68%
Will SBF plead guilty before trial?47%
Will there be an SBF criminal trial?51%
Will SBF be playing video games while on the stand testifying in his own defense?5%
Will SBF plead guilty to multiple charges?59%
Will SBF plead guilty to all charges?33%
Will we have evidence that SBF and Caroline became romantically involved after she handed him over to the feds by the date the SBF biography written by Michael Lewis is published?8%
Will SBF be vindicated?10%
Will SBF take a plea deal?65%
Will there be an SBF civil trial?81%
Will the SBF trial be televised?8%
If the SBF case goes to jury trial, will he be found Not Guilty on ALL charges?13%
Will Tabasco and Caroline testify against SBF?71%
Will there be an SBF TV series or movie before his trial is over?71%