Will LeBron James ever play an NBA game with his son Bronny?

LeBron himself has said it could happen.

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@BTE the Wikipedia page for Lebron’s son spells the nickname Bronny not Bronnie


Definitely think he will but spent all my mana today so reposting to remember to spend future mana on

New Bronny market:

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Unique traders are not being counted correctly. Bots should not be counted because they don’t pay a bonus. And on this market my 50th trade generated $1 instead of $5 which is incorrect the way I understand it. @ian Update: it might also be slow to register trades in the count at the top of the market.

@BTE it is indeed slow to register trades at the top of the market. It's updated in the db trigger to make placing bets speedier.

Extremely unlikely after Bronny suffers cardiac arrest at USC practice this morning.

@BTE there is also this:

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"With" implies they need to be on the same team, correct?

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@HenriThunberg Sorry I missed this, yes same team.

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