Will Israel declare they have successfully eradicated Hamas by the end of 2024?

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Eradicated in what sense? That they don’t control territory and can’t do terrorist attacks? Or like, completely eradicated?

Can you clarify of who in Israel? E.g. if the prime minister claims so but this is under debate and no confirmation from military?

@0482 I mean, a Prime Minister isn’t as authoritative as the IDF. But notably this question is not about whether or not it actually is accomplished, just whether or not Israel makes the claim. So in that case I would definitely expect it to be a politician who says it, but no need for it to be the prime minister. Any member of the Knesset or military/intelligence leadership. Let’s say anyone in a position to credibly make such a claim. Make sense??

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@BTE it makes sense, but does not take into account how ignorant our politicians could be. So maybe a single member of knesset is too low as a bar for that

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@0482 Yeah, I was speaking more to lack of a chief executive like the American president who would be in a place to make such a claim. Right now I would take Bennie Gantz word over Netanyahu.