Will I name my first child Buttocks Cocktoasten?

My wife @AnnaliseNorling doesn't want kids, but she is 12 years younger than me so I have lots of time to try and convince her we could raise a future president of the United States with the greatest name since Garfield.

Props for the inspiration @ButtocksCocktoasten !

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@AnnaliseNorling has agreed to weigh in here with her Cocktoasten hot take next time she is on Manifold. This is our first serious debate over our shared legacy. Great story for sure.

@BTE any updates on this? She must be beaming at the excellent name choice and the relief of not having to come up with a name herself. Would be heartwarming to hear it straight from her!

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You must resist the temptation. Imagine if you were named after @ButtocksCocktoasten. Would you want your child to have to go through that?

@JosephNoonan What is wrong with my name?

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@JosephNoonan LMAO! But I will enjoy it so much that I feel like I would make sure the kid will be so proud of it that nobody will ever be able to pierce their irrational self-confidence!