Will I be offered a full-time position at Open Philanthropy by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Context: Over the last few months I have had two separate case studies on AI standards/policy commissioned by Holden Karnofsky, founder and CEO of Open Philanthropy. Today I noticed that last week Open Philanthropy listed several new positions on their AI Governance and Policy Team that are basically the full-time version of the part-time work I have been doing as an independent contractor the last few months. If I am formally offered any of the positions listed at this link by the end of 2023 this question will resolve YES.

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@BTE because we're out?

any feedback from that second round/did it take place?

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@shankypanky Yes still waiting to hear back. Technically it ended Thursday.

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@shankypanky I sold because of time. Getting close to year end. But still in!!

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Made it to the second round.

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@BTE good luck 🙌

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@BTE Good luck!

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@BTE congrats on making it to the 2nd round!!!

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Good luck! Do you have a resume or website of your work or something you'd mind sharing? Not for the purpose of the market, more so personal interest in how one would come about this kind of work :)

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@SeitaY Here is the resume I submitted to OpenPhil and the short answer I provided in response to what AI Governance initiative I would build with the resources at OpenPhil if given the chance, or something like that. You can find links to two case studies I recently had commissioned by OpenPhil in the projects section of my resume. I welcome you or anyone who wants to give me feedback on anything via DM.

Have you expressed interest, or is this for whether they come to you?

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@shankypanky I am actually about to submit my application for 3 positions on the AI Governance and Policy team. I have been working with Holden Karnofsky as an independent contractor writing AI standards case studies that were funded by Open Philanthropy. So in the last 90 days I have delivered approximately 80 pages of original research with the expectation that I would continue doing case studies if I do not get one of the positions I am applying for now. I will post my resume and my answers to the questions asked in the application after I submit it so the betters here will have all the information OP has. Sound good??

@BTE solid - thanks for the added context!

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Good luck! Just betting on base rates

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@Lorenzo I get it! Probably a smart bet.

Good luck!

Added 1k subsidy, goodluck!