Will Biden use the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling without reaching a deal with the GOP?
closes Jul 1

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Danbought Ṁ300 of NO

@BTE why have such large limit orders on this market when this one is so much lower? https://manifold.markets/jack/will-the-us-issue-more-debt-above-t?r=RGFuTWFuMzE0

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Brian T. Edwardsis predicting YES at 15%

@DanMan314 I honestly just forgot to put an expiration I think. It was dumb. Though this does not seem like it’s off the table yet?

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Danis predicting NO at 15%

@BTE Definitely not off the table, just was curious how this market was so different than Jack’s.

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Brian T. Edwardsis predicting YES at 15%

@DanMan314 Actually looks like it is probably off the table. Damn.

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