Will Biden change his mind about running in 2024 by the end of 2023?
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It's definitely not unprecedented. And JB Pritzker and Gavin Newsom are ready to step in if Joe gives it a go and decides to LBJ it and ride into the sunset on his old mustang instead of a horse drawn hearse. I think the physical demands of the presidency are greater than the mental challenges for a president of any age. I think it is a scary moment and Joe might realize he can allow his successor to be chosen in an open primary just like LBJ. It would be deja vu for RFK Jr's campaign and they would surge too. It would be much more fun than watching Brandon crumble and Trump implode in the highest stakes election since Truman v Dewey.

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@MaybeNotDepends Oh this is funny. I'm more pro Biden then I was 8 days ago. I should read the comments!

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@nmehndir Put your Ṁ where your mouth is.

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@nmehndir 2%-8%

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When LBJ bailed out in 1968 it was after the NH primary, March 28th. He was also 21 years younger than Biden is today.

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I think Biden will call 2024 off and take 4 years to rest up and come back strong in 2028!

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Quantum Gambler

How does it resolve if he forgets?

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@Mirek Badly I am sorry to say. Likely very badly.

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https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/biden-walks-off-set-during-msnbc-interview-prompting-criticism-and-online-reactions/ar-AA1dkbsk?cvid=58dc1d1268f340a9aeb84557fcb78b93&ei=29 I watched this interview and I don't think the scandalous bit was when he walked off stage at the end, but rather the incoherent and rude way he responded to the questions asked. He kept trying to interrupt Wallace as soon as she started her questions, gave terse answers that made him look like he had no patience for her, even though she was gushing about him being there and was so nice. He was basically an asshole to her, which felt very strange. I don't see a serious candidate in Biden. I think it is all bullshit to distract he GOP and he is definitely going to pull out sometime this winter.