Will @Aella be a guest on the Crystal Ballin' podcast in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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Hard to have guests if you have no podcast 😜

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Honestly not sure what I would ask her about. Can’t think of anything less interesting to predict than people’s fetishes.

@BTE "Can’t think of anything less interesting to predict than people’s fetishes." Gotta disagree there lil bro, I think that sounds quite interesting

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@levifinkelstein Yes I may have spoken before giving proper consideration. If I got to Manifest I am going to interview her and it’s going to be so good Tyler Cowen is gonna have wet dreams thinking about it. What questions would you ask her?

@BTE I would ask her a bunch of moral dilemmas like whether she'd be fine with a child being brutally raped for a million years if a trillion sentient beings lived in bliss for a trillion years. Whether it would be good to kidnap people against their will to hook them up to experience machines that give them the best bliss possible, etc.

And then, I would ask her to justify consumption of animal products and why she's not giving more to charity, etc. After she commits an inconsistency I'll morally grandstand and shame her for being a bad person. Then she'll cry a little bit and apologize to me.

Then I would try to convince her to do something really cringe like a Joker impression. And to try to press the point that it's virtuous if you do it since you're going outside your comfort zone and training your inhibitions in a positive direction.

This is how we get to destiny