Will Substack support native Manifold embeds within 6 months?
Nov 9
M$64 bet
It'd be great to have Fortified Essays (ala Metaculus) where prediction markets are embedded directly next to an interesting news story. Ideally, this could just be a Substack embed (the kind they have for tweets/Youtube vids/OpenSea NFTs), but I doubt that Substack would be willing/interested in working with us. I think Manifold should just build out the functionality of Substack ourselves (famous last words: how hard could it be?) but Stephen thinks it's a bad business and a lot of effort. (If Substack supports arbitrary iframe embeds, this would resolve true) May 1, 11:47am: See https://manifold.markets/Austin/will-substack-support-native-manifo for more thoughts May 1, 11:47am: Oops I meant https://manifoldmarkets.notion.site/Manistack-7d37d8828fce4f64a57d914fdd5ef955 Really should think about that "edit description" function...