Will @MayMeta be trustworthy-ish by end of 2023?
resolved Jan 2

Resolves YES if they get the trustworthy-ish badge by the end of 2023.

Resolves NO if they do not. Also resolves NO if they get banned.

Austin's notes: I've recently been noticing @MayMeta's positive contributions to the community in the form of pull requests, comments on Discord, and site comments. However, at this point they neither have a track record of creating many high-quality markets, and they've only been around for a few months it seems -- it sometimes happens that new people join Manifold but then stop becoming active for various reasons (personal life, bored of markets, etc)

As usual, I'd love to hear people weigh in on this!

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I don't know what the policy for the badge is but @MayMeta is not actively creating questions or writing comments anymore.

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@AlexbGoode Yeah I don’t really see why they should get the badge given how many active and reliable users are still without badges. No shade on @MayMeta whose contributions I’ve enjoyed, but: few high quality markets, few reviews, few comments. 30/42 their markets are about leagues or user profits.

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@MayMeta and @ShitakiIntaki are the two people I would currently vouch for as being trustworthy. My only concern would be activity, so my NO shares are more of a prediction than a vote against. They both have 40+ markets and 600 traders.


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good vibes, big fan so far. I cant profit off only M10 here but putting it in anyway

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Feels wrong to profit from this so I sold my 1 YES share

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@MayMeta sounds trustworthyish to me, buying 20 more

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+1 after they make a few markets.


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I trust her

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Buying YES to voice support.