Will Manifold's comments still be ordered newest-first by market close?
resolved May 19
Up until a week ago, we showed comments by oldest-first, such that reading from top to bottom gave you a chat transcript, ala Discord/Twitter thread. We've since switched to newest-first, to surface the most relevant information when you check in on a market you've seen before. It's what Metaculus uses, for example. But I personally still find this very unintuitive after a couple days of usage; I think oldest-first is much better (until we have a better commenting system in-place e.g. sorting by tip amount), so I'm very tempted to revert it back. Resolves YES of the default sort of comments on a binary prediction market is newest-first at the time of market close.
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Agree with @Austin that newest first feels unintuitive for threading. And with @Undox that I like being able to see recent comments with scrolling. Since ordering is usually a problem when there are many comments, one way to accomplish recency on top while maintaining chronology is: See X Older Comments (link to expand older comments) Comment #N-2 Comment #N-1 Comment #N
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Maybe something like discord or slack where older comments are higher on the page but the page loads scrolled down, with the most recent comments visible.
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@MartinRandall that's an interesting proposal! I'd be tempted to resolve this to 50% in that specific case. (If I had numbers on what percent of market views are "first view" vs "afterwards" I'd use that directly, but wouldn't bother to figure it out just for resolving this market.)
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How does this resolve if something more complex, eg oldest first on first view of a market, newest first afterwards?
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Consider this a +1 for newest first. I visit a market for the first time once and then for updates many times. When visiting for an update the newest first is very convenient, and having the trades tab right there in the same area of the screen is great. It is one of my favourite changes to the site.