Will Manifold be able to repurchase our shares from Alameda?

When we raised our seed round, FTX/Alameda was our largest investor, through the FTX Future Fund regranting program (see: https://manifoldmarkets.notion.site/Manifold-Finances-0f9a14a16afe4375b67e21471ce456b0). Now that they're undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, will it be possible for us to repurchase our own stock?

Specifically, they bought two SAFEs: 250k @10M postmoney, and 750k @ 15M post money; totaling 7.5% of the company if we are valued at 15m or more.

This market resolves YES if Manifold buy back the shares; NO if someone else purchases them or the shares have not been moved in about 5 years.

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How does the ownership claim of FTX compare to the odds of repayment of a Russian imperial bond? Arguably, Nicholas II more popular than SBF


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There's this

predicts NO

Is there a reason now, today, to believe these "shares" exist? In any meaningful way? For comparison, I have a Buy One Footlong Get One Free offer in my Subway app through the end of January that I think is more liquid and tradable.

As in possible or if you'll win the auction?

Was Alameda the regrantor?

We should try getting a discount on them -- I'll offer to buy them both for $10k

@barak oh if we can buy them personally - $10,001 from me

(why work a year for ~6% founder stock when I can just buy it outright)

@Austin $20k (still 98% off lmao)

@barak Surely we should hold our own internal auction first?