What % of EA full-time employees were working on "structural capital" in the last year?
resolved May 13
Prompted by https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/s/dr4yccYeH6Zs7J82s/p/XeADodQvLvPTHcYZe In the last 12 months (roughly May 2021 to now), how much of EA funding was spent on things like: - functional and scalable processes, - competent management, - suitable legal status and backing, - good operations support, - well designed spaces, - well written code. To be clear, things I would NOT consider to be structural capital include any work done on: - Financial capital (fundraising, donating) - Human capital (recruiting, spreading EA) - Network capital (thought leadership, research, blogging) This is an informational market (see https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/information-markets-decision-markets?s=r ; I'll resolve this to whatever value I believe at Market Close time. My prior is quite low, but I'd love to be proven wrong (or as the cool kids say, "update based on new evidence"). Showing your work in the comments would help!
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