Will Israel go to war against Iran by June of 2024
Jun 30
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I think this war has started

Please clarify the resolution criteria for this!

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@ArunSinghChandel Iran is currently responding to Israel's deadly attack on their embassy in Damascus with a deadly attck on Israeli soil, targeting multiple military targets. If Israel in turn strikes Iran again, wouldn't it be fair to say that they are now at war (even though they do not share a border and are not invading)?

@Panfilo I assumed this was referring to a formal declaration of war.

@TimothyJohnson5c16 But those virtually never happen in contemporary times. Russia never declared war on Ukraine.

Formal declarations virtually never happen, but on the other side if Israel strikes Iran in response and then nothing happens no-one will call this a war

@JoshuaWilkes We need clarity because it doesn't say "invades" or mention a number of casualties or anything, so it could mean anything from what's currently happening already to World War 3.

@Panfilo agreed that we definitely need clarity, but I really don't think that what is currently happening can or should qualify.

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