Will there be restrictions on Israeli citizens from leaving Israel (during 2023), if the Judicial reform passes
resolved Dec 31

The reform might allow significant power for the government - for example, to detain citizens without reason for up to 6 months.


The question will resolve YES if there are significant travel restrictions by the end of 2023. For example, ones in COVID, threat of revocation of citizenship, spreading of roumors of attempts to leave resulting in detainment - any directed action (including indirect, for ex propoganda) by the government that makes it non neglegibly more difficult for citizens to leave Israel.

It will resolve NO if no directed action is taken by the current government to restrict citizens from travelling.

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predicted YES

Resolved NA, since the judicial reform didnt really pass yet.

How will you resolve this if the government enforces a tax for leaving Israel forever? (that if someone runs away from Israel and never returns, then the Israeli government takes ~20% of their money-saved-in-Israeli-banks, or something like that)

predicted YES

@YonatanCale I would resolve yes

Can you clarify the condition "judicial reform passes"? Any of the clauses? All of them? What if it passes after some compromise?

@YotamFederman partial is fine, still within the spirit of the question (travel restriction due to government overreach)

If there is a restriction specifically for reservists who didn't show up for reserve duty, would that count?

(I am fairly new to Manifold, so currently unsure whether to trade my own market - I live in Israel, but do not have significant knowledge to make a prediction in this case)