[2024 Formula 1 Season] Will Logan Sargeant still be on the grid in next year's season?
resolved Dec 1

Resolves YES if there is an official confirmation of Sergeant's seat at Williams or any other team on the Formula 1 grid for the 2024 season.

Any reserve drive does not count as a YES resolution.

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Logan Sargeant has not showed good signs as a rookie. He is the only driver out of the 20 that have driven all the races that has not scored points yet. He has been crashing a lot and did not finish in 4 out of the last 7 races. In formula 1 you are directly measured against your teammate and Alex Albon, his teammate, has scored 23 points in the season. Sargeant is costing Williams a lot of money due to the reparings they have to usually make because of his crashings and also costing them money by not getting all the potential points in the constructors table that could mean finishing in a higher position that would get more money to the team. There are good prospects such as Liam Lawson or Drugovich that could be a better option for Williams.

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De Vries is back to Formula E.

Liam Lawson maybe.

Grosjean slim possibly.

Some random guy probably.

Sargeant Sucks.

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@SirCryptomind I agree with Sargeant sucks but the other Williams juniors are too far out to replace him next year, making me think they'll keep him around at least for 2024.

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