[2023 Formula 1 Season] Will Alex Albon be out-qualified by his teammate in the remaining qualifying sessions?
resolved Nov 25

Resolves NO if Albon has a higher qualifying position in all the remaining sessions on the calendar.

Where there is any replacement driver for Sargeant who manages to outqualify Albon, the market will still resolve YES.

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This can resolve to NO

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Only one race left to do it.

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Although albon teamate Logan Searant is a rookie, his perfomance has been below par .

While the wiilam racing team dosent have the best of car Albon has secured a decent amount of 25 points compared to Logan who scored 0, contributing nothing to the constructor championship past 19 races. More over Albon out performed Logan in evert qualifiers helping the team to achieve points.

Even during his rookie year Albon has been recieved 2 podiums while just racing for 9 races during 2019.

With the performance by Logan he will be out of seat by end of 2024, while Albon be promoted.