Will Manifold stop incentivizing me to click the "share" button daily, whether I intend to share or not, by 2024-04-13?
resolved Apr 20

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@April ping

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa there are two share buttons! I'm seeing that the one in the header works, but the one in the market body doesn't! This market doesn't have one in the body, presumably because it's closed so you'll have to test somewhere else. Anyway, for those seeing it work/not work, which one are you clicking?

Edit: Ian says he fixed the problem for the button in the market body

@chrisjbillington The small share button in the header works for me, and the big share button doesn't. I never pressed the small share button before. It seems like the problem is a bug with the big share button.


The share quest working for all users is basically table stakes for me to consider this a serious platform. The quest is advertised to all users but regularly fails to award the mana to users who click the share button.

Don't worry about answering all the questions below, there is nothing you can do until someone from Manifold has time to specifically look at your case. They added a bunch of logging in the past to look at it but it has once again fallen behind and this hasn't been addressed for a while.

My perspective: if you are offering people a token reward of 5 mana for sharing your site IT BETTER FLIPPIN WORK. It is a promise, part of your "social contract" with your users. Every time I click the share button and get no reward all day, that tells me something very important about how the site values its users.




Those who aren't getting the sharing reward - are you using ad blockers or anything that would block tracking? Do you get the rewards if you disable such things?

I'm using ublock origin and I do get the rewards, but apparently the error messages @Tulip is getting suggest connections to amplitude are being blocked, and amplitude is a tracking platform Manifold uses for logging when you've clicked the share link (I think necessary to determine whether you've already done it today).

If you have discord, it would be useful if you comment with whatever you learn in the bug report there:


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@April this Resolves NO now. It’s after April 13th

@mattyb Well. It resolves now, at any rate. Whether it resolves NO is a separate question. :p

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@Tulip it really isn’t. whether or not there was a bug where you could claim the reward, this market is about incentives. the entire time this site has advertised that if you push the button, you get 5M. I’d wager for those that didn’t have a working button, they pushed it even more yesterday. Why? Because there was an incentive to do it. That’s not in dispute.

What’s the case for YES?

@mattyb Well, the question isn't whether people-in-the-abstract are still being incentivized to push the button, but whether April is. If the button is nonworking on April's end, and if she doesn't find pushing the button for the chance of maybe-it'll-work-again-this-time appealing the same way pressing it for the certain jump of 5 mana is, then that's not particularly an incentive affecting her any more.

(Certainly, speaking for myself, the pressing-it-more effect you described hasn't come up. I pressed it once today; I found no mana flowing in as a result; I didn't press it more as a result of this, nor do I expect to do so later.)

@Tulip to which i’ll reply again, you should report this bug. this hasn’t happened to me in months

@mattyb I'm not even confident it is a bug. It could easily be, for example, an A/B test.

@Tulip oh, in that case. we can ask staff or one of the people that really knows the codebase well!

@mattyb We can! I'd be in favor of that, if it's in fact practical. Seems like it might be relevant to resolution here.

@Tulip what I’m saying is that there’s a concrete answer here. is the site still incentivizing users (or April as you’re saying) to push the button. @chrisjbillington do you know?

@mattyb I don't see any evidence of A/B testing.

Here's what happens when you click the button:


It calls trackShareEvent() unconditionally.

trackShareEvent() puts an entry in a db about the share event, then unconditionally calls completeQuest():


Which then makes a POST request to a "completequest" HTTP API call.

I think this is the corresponding backend function, which calls another backend function completeSharingQuest() (seemingly not used for any other type of quests?):


completeSharingQuest() is then here:


And it counts how many times you've shared as of the start of today, Pacific time, and how many times you've shared as of now, and then calls completeQuestInternal(), which is here:


completeQuestInternal() checks if you've done the action enough times today to have completed the quest (in this case, once for the share quest), and then calls awardQuestBonus() and createQuestPayoutNotification().

There was some work 5 days ago that I think started storing the share events in a different database or something:


It's always possible that those changes introduced bugs. But it certainly looks like the intent is for the share button to pay a reward once per day, Pacific time, unconditionally.

@chrisjbillington Here is the discord bug report (I've commented in/bumped the existing bug report about this being unreliable previously):


@chrisjbillington Could be informative if those who are not getting the share quest reward check their browser console for errors.

@chrisjbillington Two errors popped up:

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://api2.amplitude.com/2/httpapi. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed). Status code: (null).

Amplitude Logger [Error]: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. logger.js:42

Also a bunch of earlier errors on page-load, specifically three copies of the same pair-of-errors that popped up on Share-button-click.

I don't know how to interpret this / whether it's even different between people getting the reward versus not, but hopefully it's useful nonetheless.

(If relevant: I'm running Firefox 124.0.2. Now I wonder whether whatever is happening here is split across browser lines, happening for Firefox users but not Chrome users or something to that effect.)

@Tulip Interesting. I don't get any errors clicking it now, but I already did the quest today, I'll try again after midnight Pacific time.

@Tulip Just did it again now midnight PT has passed, again not errors. Chrome 123.0.6312.86. Maybe that's it then. Will add your comment to the discord thread.

@chrisjbillington I just tried it, it gave me mana. Latest firefox nightly with Ublock origin and tree style tabs.

@Tulip are you using an ad blocker?

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At least for me, clicking the button does not give mana

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@GrassomannGrassomann seems like a you issue


@mattyb Hmm. It doesn't give me mana either. It could be a bug, or it could be an update that doesn't apply to everyone at the same time.

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@J89502 without updating the screen detailing the Quests, or announcing anything. Given Manifold, it’s certainly possible but I think unlikely. Especially when they just announced a few changes.

I think you’re more likely experiencing a bug


@mattyb Interesting. Mine looks like this even after pressing several share buttons:

@J89502 yep, definitely a bug.

@mattyb I'm also getting them.

Historically there have been bugs with how reliable the bonuses were - they'd sometimes just not happen. I thought these had been ironed out but it wouldn't be surprising if they hadn't been.

@J89502 are you clicking the 'copy' link after? depends on your phone i think. or try a computer version?

@strutheo I tried on both computer and phone. "Link copied!" shows up when I click the button. I'm not sure what you mean by clicking the 'copy' link after.

@J89502 very weird then... no clue why, maybe wait a few days and try again

@J89502 i would open a bug in the Discord

@mattyb I created a poll to see if it's like this for a lot of people: https://manifold.markets/J89502/does-pressing-the-share-button-comp?r=Sjg5NTAy

@J89502 lol, really trying not to lose this bet 😂

@mattyb Yeah, still holding onto hope 🙏

@J89502 i get it though