Is Ramzan Kadyrov alive at the end of 2023?
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Symmetrybought Ṁ50 of YES

Why is this so low? People don't just die. Especially not perversly rich middle aged oligarchs with executive political functions.

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Symmetrypredicts YES

@PS Interesting, but these aren't the kinds of sources I would attribute a high degree of confidence to all things considered.

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PSpredicts YES

@Symmetry That was my initial reaction as well. I've updated a bit towards actual health problems since the reaction by Kadyrov/the Kremlin wasn't really very convincing...

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Symmetrypredicts YES

@PS He doesn't look healthy, I'll concede that. But still, people who can still walk around (generally) don't just die.

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PSpredicts YES

@Symmetry I think there were doubts voiced as to the date the video was made. Again, not sure how valid those are.

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Vladimir Zhilyaevpredicts NO

@Symmetry There is an argument that Kadyrov is currently in ICU in Moscow