Erin and Destiny smashed.

If in THE year of our lord 2023 information confirmed by Destiny (PBUH) himself that in fact they indeed smashed or had sexual interaction this will resolve in yes. ❤

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Manifold in the wild: Mrredacted Starting The Walkback It Was All

How the fuck 'never been on date' Erin has 40% higher chance XD

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oh god. Please don't make this a trend. Please don't make a market like this about every single woman in destiny's life. We just came out of the anti-misogyny arc and this is some creepy shit!

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Anton Anon
is predicting NO at 60%

@Agh dude I'm down bad I need that mana and this is untapped market

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Manifold in the wild: Dont Message People Cringe Shit Like This And

Put your money where your mouth is.