Will Google bring back their April Fool’s Day jokes for April Fool’s Day 2024?
Apr 3

It resolves as yes if any branch of Google (calender, maps, etc) has an April Fool's Day joke that was not previously used. Otherwise, it resolves as no.

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@AnneMundy this one’s ready for your Resolving (see the Chrome thread)

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@qqii how is that a joke? it’s a literal easter egg

@mattyb yeah, I'm not sure if it counts so I've not bet a lot.

The Easter Egg was released for April Fools, and comparing what it does to what's listed on Wikipedia it's not too dissimilar. Strictly, some of what is listed on Wikipedia could also be categorised as easter eggs rather than jokes but I'll leave the line up to @AnneMundy.

@qqii the egg is fun, but it wasn't released for April Fools. Chrome v123 was released mid March. Not to mention it's clearly an Easter reference, not a prank/joke.

@DanHomerick the release notes says

To celebrate this year's April Fools' Day

I've also found the source commit, which contains this line:

const isAprilFools = (month === 4 && day === 1) || true;  // TODO: show only on April fools

They made good on the TODO in this commit, with the code becoming

const isAprilFools = (month === 4 && (day === 1 || day === 2));  // Show only on April fools and the next day
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@qqii solid rebuttal! (and I just bailed on my NO position) 😂

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short-fuse, this begins in a few hours [26 where I’m at]!