Will black win more games than white in the 2022 Gravity Chess Championship?
Jul 2

This question resolves to YES if black wins more games than white in total during the 2022 Gravity Chess Championship.

Jul 15, 1:00pm: based on results as reported at https://gchess.ca

Detailed analytics available here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cZxkO5Hrf23LoBJvFEXlPcpvKILFcZBwvI5H2bOG7Y0/viewanalytics

Close date updated to 2023-01-01 11:59 pm

Close date updated to 2023-03-01 11:59 pm

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@AndrewG please resolve this to YES

predicts YES

Please resolve.

predicts YES

After round robin, white won 28 games, and black won 43.

During double elimination so far, there have been 4 white wins and 5 black wins.

I could not find any information about this event using google. Do you have a link with more information, or is this a test about whether people will bet on a non-existent event?