Will Manifold Market be reported in multiple major news media for its controversial markets before June 2023?
resolved Jun 8

Resolve to Yes if Manifold Market are discussed in 3 or more major news media becuase of its controversial market before June 2023

Some examples of controversial markets in the comments

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NathanpmYoung avatarNathan Young
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Will Manifold Market be reported in multiple major news media for its controversial markets before the end of 2023?
AmmonLam avatarAmmon Lam
19% chance

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Resolves no

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Manifold Market, a twisted place
Where morals vanish, without a trace
Deals are made, and sins erased
But consequences cannot be replaced

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This definitely seems like good press for Manifold as long as the market creators are trusted and the displayed probabilities accurately reflect the question in the title. Could be pretty bad otherwise though.

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brpbought Ṁ5 of YES

This causes a perverse incentive for people to create news-grabbing markets and then send links to journalists.

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Boklampredicted YES

@brp Well that might be a good thing for Manifold. Get some free advertising from the press.

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Boklampredicted YES

What counts as "major news media"? Someone is asking me on this other market...


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Cornelius Grass

Do oblique references count, or do the controversial markets need to be the focus of the article?

Something like, "Ammon Lam, also known for participating on the controversial Manifold Markets website, today rescued three puppies from a burning building."

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Ammon Lam