How much total income will be earned from the Creator Partner Program in the first month? (sum of all Partners)
resolved Apr 1

Here to read details about the Partner Creator program
Partner Explainer | Manifold

Income amount:

-$0.10 per unique trader since becoming partner.

-Traders grant $0.06 immediately and $0.04 when you resolve that market. If you N/A a market you keep the $0.06 but don't earn the $0.04.

only $0.06 will be granted immediately, but for the purpose of the resolution of this market, I will count $0.10 for each unique trader that partner gets for the first month.

Resolve according to the best estimate that we have on the sum of total income earned by all partners from the Creator Partner Program.

If no better estimates are provided, I will go through the league unique trader bonus of each partner and try to estimate how much they would have earned in the month

[Edit: The first month goes from Feb 26-Mar 26]

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@AmmonLam I was 3 days late in counting this earnings, so pretty sure the earnings is below 5000 on Mar 26

The month is complete-plus-a-few-days, at this point. Any estimate of when resolution is likely to happen?

@Tulip I’ll do a count today, and post the result here

My understanding is they have announced the starting date for bonuses for Creator Partner is 26 February. I'm not sure on which time zone. So even though the program isn't fully deployed, bonuses already started counting now.

bought Ṁ10 $10000+ YES

What is first month? 30 days since the start of the program?

bought Ṁ10 $500-1000 YES

Also does the earned money have to be withdrawn or withdrawable? If you earn less than $10 a quarter, it supposedly rolls over. Is that considered income?

@nikki the earned money doesnt have to be withdrawable immediately. If you earned less than $10, that still count as money "earned"

@nikki 30 days since the first batch of Creator Partner is announced.

I will edit the description to include the starting date after the first batch is announced

@AmmonLam presumably, if the first batch is announced, but the rewards only start "counting" for trader bonuses after some other date, the other date is what matters for the purpose of this question? Like say it was announced on feb 25, but Q1 Creator Partner Program starts the traders counter on Mar 1, the "first month" would be mar 1 to april 1?

@Bayesian If the rewards only start counting after some later date, I will use the reward start counting date as the start date
the spirit of this market is to estimate the total first month earnings of all Partners

@AmmonLam sounds good, that makes intuitive sense

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