How does the Creator Partner Program work?

Manifold's Creator Partner Program allows users to monetise their questions and receive USD income for getting traders.
Legal Clarification: This does not allow mana to be converted to USD nor provide any way for users to profit real money for trading. This only provides real money to the creator as a reward for creating interesting questions.

Partner perks

  • Earn real USD for getting traders on your markets.
  • Earn real USD for referrals.
  • Exclusive badge.
  • Direct access and support from the Manifold team.
  • All perks are in addition to the existing mana bonuses.
  • How to become a partner

    Minimum Requirements:
  • 1250 all time traders.
  • Create 20 markets in the last 60 days.
  • Create 10 markets with at least 20 traders in the last 60 days.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements is just the start to becoming a partner and does not guarantee partnership. We also take into consideration user behaviour and market quality. This includes:
  • Concise and representative market titles.
  • Detailed market descriptions.
  • Good management of markets including clarifying confusion from comments or unexpected events.
  • Timely, accurate resolutions.
  • Any previous infractions of the Community Guidelines.
  • How to apply

    Please email once you meet the minimum criteria and want to join the program. There are certain circumstances where we may accept applications outside of these criteria. Some instances may include having an established audience on other platforms or a history of exceptional forecasting.

    How income is calculated

    Income amount:
  • USD per trader since the start of the quarter you were made a partner. This means you may receive some USD for traders earned in the weeks prior to being partnered. The quarter start date can be viewed in your partner dashboard.
  • $0.10 per trader on Yes/No markets.
  • $0.20 per trader on Multi-choice markets.
  • $1.00 per new user referral.
  • Only certain questions contribute towards USD income:
  • Question type: Must be a Yes/No question or a Multiple Choice.
  • Trader threshold: Markets must have at least 20 traders. Markets which have less than 20 once the quarter ends will not contribute, but may contribute to a future quarter if the market at some point passes 20 traders.
  • Subsidized: The market must be subsidized. Most are by default. See why your market may become unsubsidized in our guidelines.
  • Disclaimer:
  • Income will be capped at $3,000 per creator for this first, current quarter. We hope to remove this cap in the future.
  • Manifold reserves the right to deduct or void your income for the current quarter if we believe you are abusing any loopholes or breaking our Community Guidelines.
  • Manifold may revoke your partnership if you break our Community Guidelines or we feel the quality of your markets continues to significantly lower, even after warnings.
  • Receiving Payment

  • To receive payment, creators must have a valid PayPal account. This is the only way we can currently send payments.
  • Alternatively, type 'mana' into the payment field in your partner dashboard to receive your additional bonuses as mana.
  • Payments to all creators will be processed quarterly.
  • If quarterly income does not exceed $20, it may be rolled over into the following quarter and not paid out until that threshold is met.